Fly the legend

Built for performance, created for lively, exhilarating flights,
the ACH125 is a member of the Ecureuil family - the world's favorite turbine helicopter


A few have stood here
Only one has landed

The ACH125 broke the record for the highest altitude landing and take-off performed on Mount Everest at 8,848 meters (29,029 feet) - a title still held today.



ACH Line

A fresh and dynamic ambience created from an attractively designed cabin that feels right.
From embossed leather, to smooth treatment and finishing, everything receives special attention.

Advanced Technology

  • Making the best even better
    Start where others stop. Proven reliability, tailored support, and performance to spare — all wrapped up in one light package.
    The ACH125 offers reduced pilot workload and enhanced avionics.
    The legend has reached more than 30 million flight hours.
    The success story continues.

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Important to you,
essential to us

Every ACH helicopter is unique.
They are as unique as each
of our international customers, distinct,
discriminating with superlative standards.

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