Creative design

Unique craftsmanship


Airbus Corporate Helicopters provides to its corporate and VIP customers a unique craftsmanship experience…


…using high-end materials combined with sleek designs.


Bespoke service


Based on Airbus Corporate Helicopters’ in-house style concept, this interior cabin line is the perfect response for those looking for a light and efficient design. Clean lines and spare style.

Bespoke team

Tailored support

With you on every flight

ACH Care is a dedicated program for private and business aviation customers, offering optimised and comprehensive service with first-class level.

Our customer centres

Throughout the period of ownership, customers can benefit from a comprehensive service which, in addition to ensuring the highest availability of the helicopter in the world, will help preserve the aircraft’s resale value as a result of a dedicated care and support by the manufacturer.

Material management

ACH Care is an extended programme specifically created to support customers requiring a worldwide first-class service level through an exclusive 5 year or 1000FH contract. This programme offers better coverage, peace of mind, keeping the aircraft at its best.

Technical support

Airbus Helicopters provides several levels of support and resources to ensure the appropriate response to each query or concern: assistance, guidance, technical publications, continuing airworthiness management services and 24/7 support.

Training & flight ops

Airbus provides complete training solutions in 20 training centres throughout the world -from ab-initio up to recurrent training for both pilots and technicians.


Airbus Helicopters is represented through 30 customer centres and some 100 MRO service centres. Thanks to this global network, Airbus Helicopters is ready to ensure that aircraft maintenance and upgrade work is completed efficiently, and rotorcraft downtime is limited.

Connected Services

Airbus’ Connected Services leverage operational-in-service and maintenance data to optimise existing services and to improve profitability and mission performance.
The smart interpretation of maintenance data can reduce costs and improve processes, such as on-time spare parts delivery, maintenance and logistics optimisation and rotorcraft availability.

Asset Management

We aim to make our customer’s experience top notch. In addition to ACH Care being a dedicated service offer for Private & Business Aviation customers, the asset value of the product is maximized with its unique terms that are customized for low-hour flyer profile.

And when it comes to trading in or upgrading your aircraft, ACH offers a specialized asset management service with its global network making this also a hassle free experience.


Acquire the best:

As a key element of showcasing the best, we take great pleasure in making the buying experience a memorable one for each one of our customers.

Our teams work with you to recommend a product that works for you and your lifestyle. Live up to your own expectations and explore the high seas or hidden escapes with no limits. The ACH range offers a world of possibilities combing the latest in technology, safety, range, speed and ultimate in comfort.

Once a platform has been selected, let us help you give the helicopter an exclusive finish, exceptional character and distinctive personality – unique to your tastes.

Create your own vision by embarking on the journey to create an experience that touches all the senses.